From Spongy to Bold – Wedding Set

So, since people seem to be interested, here’s some recordings from my band’s set at my brother’s wedding back in July. ¬†The Firewire card in my Mackie board, used to take this recording, was half-dead and dropping sync and packets like mad, so the recordings are skippy and shuddery. ¬†Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do at this point to salvage them, but you can hear snippets if you’re that interested. :)

From Spongy to Bold was:

  • Gary “Kithop” Carter – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Ryan Takahashi – Lead Guitar
  • Kyle Materi – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Brandon Wong – Drums

01 T&T (AC/DC)

02 Plush (Stone Temple Pilots)

03 Need Your Love So Bad (Fleetwood Mac)

05 Man in the Box (Alice in Chains)

06 Hole Hearted (Extreme)

07 Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi) (Truncated)