Lethal Halo – “Animanaut” EP & Hitaus

The band that I’ve been a part of for over a year finally has something really awesome to show for all the hard work we’ve been putting in – we’ve got a brand new EP that’s the culmination of over a year of practicing, refinement, and the past few months going in and out of the studio with the ever-awesome Mike Rogerson at Harbourside IT and Cam Boyer.

November 18th, “Animanaut” drops, on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play… basically everything TuneCore does for us… :)

We have a supporting short tour, including shows in Vancouver, Victoria, and Powell River, then after the close-out Vancouver show at the Rickshaw on December 12th, Lethal Halo is going on indefinite hiatus.  This is something we’ve known about and been planning for months, so I’m going to squash the rumours before they start: There’s no animosity, this isn’t a sudden thing, it’s not in reaction to anything horrible.  Without getting overly specific, we’ve all decided that the band has naturally run its course, and some of us have other projects to focus on or have otherwise been getting stretched a little thin these days.

Seriously, head over to the official Lethal Halo site for more, including the press releases.

What does that mean for me?  Well, I’m much too invested in music in general, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.  If anything, we’re going to go out with a bang, and I know I’m going to pick myself up in January and move forward with something new.  I’ve been listening to a lot of my influences, and the influences of a lot of my peers, and a lot of the old songs and partial songs I’ve written over the past decade, doing my best to get a feel for what I want to do and what I want to be in the next few years.

I’m slowly amassing a collection of gear, and own pretty much the end-to-end basics to set up my own basic jam & recording space.  Outside of Music Composition classes back in high school, I’ve never gotten any formal training on this stuff – maybe I’ll go back to school and do that; learn all the tricks and shortcuts in Pro Tools that I haven’t figured out yet on my own, or maybe I’ll just find the textbook(s) they use and read them on my own.

Maybe some of the remnants of Lethal Halo and I will get together on a new project next year – there’s been some half-joking rumbles to that effect, but we’re holding the cards close to our chest.  I think how the EP is received, how well the tour goes, and how well we gel sitting in the back of a van for what will be my first proper tour outside Metro Vancouver will all be contributing factors.

Maybe, however, this is going to be the push I need to get myself back into the mindset of starting my own project.

In the meantime, check out the promo single from the new Lethal Halo EP, with yours truly on bass and backing vocals:

Lethal Halo

Lethal Halo (small)After our rebirth on Saturday, our first show as the new lineup, it is now official.

I’m the new bass player for Lethal Halo, and we are rapidly filling up the pipeline with some really cool shit. :) If you’re a metalhead, you may be interested in checking us out.

Our Facebook page has also been updated for those of you on the other big Social Media site: https://www.facebook.com/LethalHalo

We have some new stuff coming fairly quickly, and I’m excited (and exhausted) to tell you all about it, but you’ll have to wait for the surprise later. I can tell you that it looks like we’re playing another show at Funky Winkerbeans, Thursday, August 8th to help another band kick off their album release tour. More to come on that later, but Vancouverites, I hope to see you all there. ;D

Video Series – Tekkit

A few weeks ago, I got everything set up to record video and audio of some of my friends and I playing Tekkit, a mod for Minecraft, on my server.  We came up with the idea of building an automated solar panel factory, so here’s the minimally edited playlist in all its glory, if you’re completely bored out of your skull but want to see some of the awesomeness that is Tekkit. :p

From Spongy to Bold – Wedding Set

So, since people seem to be interested, here’s some recordings from my band’s set at my brother’s wedding back in July.  The Firewire card in my Mackie board, used to take this recording, was half-dead and dropping sync and packets like mad, so the recordings are skippy and shuddery.  Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do at this point to salvage them, but you can hear snippets if you’re that interested. :)

From Spongy to Bold was:

  • Gary “Kithop” Carter – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Ryan Takahashi – Lead Guitar
  • Kyle Materi – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Brandon Wong – Drums

01 T&T (AC/DC)

02 Plush (Stone Temple Pilots)

03 Need Your Love So Bad (Fleetwood Mac)

05 Man in the Box (Alice in Chains)

06 Hole Hearted (Extreme)

07 Wanted Dead or Alive (Bon Jovi) (Truncated)