Pulsar: Lost Colony Review Dump

The following is a lightly edited chat dump of my thoughts on ~7 hours of playing Pulsar: Lost Colony the night before:

I did a lot of Engineering and Sciencing at first, jumping into fill whatever the last open role was in most people’s games. Then saw someone start up a game with only 1/5. Had tweaked my HOTAS setup, so jumped in as Pilot. That run went for like 4 hours.

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Living Room Rearrangement

Since moving into my new house out in Mission, I’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with the living room that I hardly use… so here’s one attempt at getting everything in the ‘right’ place.  Only downside?  Things without wireless controllers have cords that are too short… :p  Might bring the couch forward for those.

Why is everything on a funny angle?  Because that’s the patio door, and the left side is what slides open so you can get out onto the deck.

Video Series – Tekkit

A few weeks ago, I got everything set up to record video and audio of some of my friends and I playing Tekkit, a mod for Minecraft, on my server.  We came up with the idea of building an automated solar panel factory, so here’s the minimally edited playlist in all its glory, if you’re completely bored out of your skull but want to see some of the awesomeness that is Tekkit. :p